Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Open GBPUSD Long 1 @ 1.6318 22/07/09 08:35

With bollinger set to 2.0 the currency pair is just above this so have decided to go long with a stop loss set at 1.6198 ie 1.2 cents

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Close GBP/USD Short 1 @ 1.6508 21/07/09 06:55

As this is a swing trade I have decided to take a profit here since the currency will probably rally as it usually does in the morning. It's nice to make at least one profitable trade after so many losses even if it is so small

P&L : 39

Monday, 20 July 2009

Short GBPUSD 1 @ 1.6545 23:02 20/07/09

After a fair time off I am trading again.

The currency has moved a fair way out of the band I have decided it is a bad area to trade in ie the Bollinger band of 1.0, it is almost at 2.0

Monday, 13 July 2009

Close GBP/USD Short 1 @ 1.6235

P&L : -115

The BoE decided not to increase it's QE so the currency surged. I think I made the classic mistake of getting stung by the "sell on the rumour, buy on the fact".

Taking a break while I still have some profit left

Update 20/07/09 : A cleverer trade would have been to sell Gilts with a tight stop as if the BoE had decided to press ahead with more QE gilts would have jumped whereas to not expand their QE decision did cause a drop of over 3 pts.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Close GBP/USD Short 1 @ 1.6164

Another day, another loss. Over reacted as well because I have another position open - managed to buy right at the top again. Having sat out a rally I couldn't fight another one.

P&L : -109

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Short GBPUSD 1 @ 1.6055

The currency pair seems to drop off overnight quite regularly so have decided to go short here. Also note that the BoE may extend it's QE project

US Crude trade Long 1 @ 62.25

P&L : -200

I didn't record this one, and it was a mistake. I felt the urge to deal should have resisted as I feel oil is more likely to head towards 53/51, but thought I could trade on the swing back. Mistake, and irritatingly enough felt that at +30 should have closed it. Must get a laptop with mobile broadband, or deal with a broker that lets you use an iPhone

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Close Long 2 GBP/USD @ 1.6133 7/7/09 22:30

As I feel that this currency pair has a higher probability to drop off overnight than to appreciate I there is no point in taking a half cent hammering I have decided to close this one out .

P&L : -15

Open GBP/USD Long 1 @ 1.6151 07/07/09 20:00

I haven't dealt for sometime for various reasons. This time I am using what are called pivot points
Previous Day values
High : 1.6327
Low : 1.6094
Close : 1.6284
This works out to
R1 : 1.6376 S1 : 1.6143
R2 : 1.6468 S2 : 1.6002
R3 : 1.6609 S3 : 1.5910
Apparently these are commonly used values in trading so I have bought at S1. It is also outside of the 1.0 bollinger channel which is what I feel is a bad area to trade in.

Close GBP/USD 1 @ 1.6468 01/07/09 20:00

Late update can't remember the reason why I closed thi but is was a good move anyway. Probably something to do with not trading within the 1.0 boll band overnight.

P&L : 6

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Close Gold Long 1 @ 931.0 01/07/09 08:22

The plan was not to keep this open for very long - just take advantage of the 2 to 1 chance that over night gold would appreciate. It has, so I am therefore closing this trade with a small profit

P&L : 29