Thursday, 12 May 2011

Rio Tinto

Long at 4103 close to the 200 day moving average of 4083

Had a good day spotting the formation of a bear flag? Maybe more like my experience of the movement of crude after a big fall.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

US Crude

very very volatile correctly set a buy at approx 95.60 when it was 98 but didn't give it enough breathing and it fell through to 93.48 so it needs 250 as room?

Go back some by buying a 94.71 and selling at 95.76

I feel that US crude will hit 100 driven by traders trying to push short sell stops


Did the opposite of what I thought and tried to catch a falling knife and paid 37 for the loss. It continued to crash which was my initial suspicion

Barclays closed

closed at 316.9 made 38.60. Felt it had dropped well far enough for now and there was a slight bounce.

My general feeling which has been buoyed out is that bulls are now outnumbering bears 3:1 at least and that a recent telegraph article said that ISA money is coming in earlier this year and the VIX is at it's lowest ever level. The market has a nasty habit of crashing just at the point the retail invest comes in!

Pity I couldn't bet on the VIX but at ig that is 50 a pt - too rich for me

Friday, 18 February 2011

Short barclays

At approx 3.23. Went in before the results figured it could be a buy on rumour sell on news. Surprised by strength, but still think that with all the analysts rating barclays as a buy how much further can it go?
316 (2)
322 (2)
332 (2)
Have taken a loss of 20 to close out a 316 contract