Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Close GBP/USD Long @ 1.6440 10/06/09 08:03

P&L : -32

I'm really worried. I have no plan. What am I trying to achieve? I just read the "The Turtle Way" and I have to face facts that the only plan I have is :

1) instrument is on an uptrend I use stochatics to buy in, hourly is best as daily may show
2) If daily and hourly stochastics combine, ie my recent sell of gold was a good example when RSI/daily stochastics/hourly stochatics showed the price had reached the top of it's range
3) The occasional deal on a whim - US Crude at 66.8 was an example because I just felt it was an opportunity to get in on the trend.

I don't do any backtesting apart from a bit of chart observation. Has my success just been luck? The one reason for my recent gains have been are that I have avoided trying to trade against the trend, ie to trade reversals without all the indicators showing.

PS Never buy into an hourly stochatic that is half way up

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