Monday, 8 June 2009

US Crude July @ 68.69 Close position 08/06/09 18:21

Came off ahead here, surprisingly picking the bottom of the drop. Phoned this order in as it represents 10% of my current profit. Realistically would like to stay in the market but want to take the profit. Also I note that GoldmanSachs have valued oil at 85USD - historically they seem always to overvalue/undervalue by 25%. Remember they said 20USD was possible

P&L : 180

Also have noted that GBP/USD reached 1.5801 at lowest point so a further 60 pips from buyin. Indicators were not far off here so could have stuck with it. Is currently at 1.6073. Once again far better off to deal, log off and trust your instincts. FTSE is trading in a tighter and tighter range - is the market waiting for the end of Brown? Some explosive movement will occur soon.

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