Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Quick update

Need to record while still fresh in my mind

Unfortunately a bit of a muck up re the EURUSD short. Absolutely correct although maybe should have taken profits at +50 pips. Left it overnight which is always a bit of a gamble to find it -40 pips down in the morning, shorted again at -60 pips (correct) but unfortunately so busy trying to juggle my open positions that I didn't set the stop at my usual 120 pip level and got whip sawed out. God damn.

Made a +40 pip profit today going long on GBPUSD specifically on a possible rally predicted. Did the trade at 7:30 out by approx 8:30. These are the most volatile times for dealing this pair. Dealt twice rather than staying in

GBPUSD reached 15040 then had a shocking turnaround and finished a cent down

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