Friday, 14 May 2010

Repeating the same mistakes

Well despite having stated before what an important support level ~12600 for the EURUSD (well, I thought I did but can't find any posts). Having said that I once again tried to go against the flow and got myself a -70 pip loss going long on EURUSD Why?!? Even worse I tried increasing the size to 0.40.
However it was right to take the RIO profit - FTSE fell nearly 190 points today dragging everything with it except WOS strangely enough

Try not to short GOLD please how ever tempting it may be

And for god sake read this blog! It's not worth recording all your thoughts feelings and theories if you're not going to read them!

Have noticed AUDEUR still isn't rising as far as I would expect it should. Why is this? Is there a correction in store?

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