Thursday, 13 May 2010

Some success

Closed the bet on RIO.L with a profit of ~35. The process of immediately halving the bet size is costing money, but then again if I'd thought of doing this I could have held my previous trade open all the way through. Closed at approx 1pm @3375 as didn't want to have it roll again. It could have more legs maybe?

Also closed EURUSD @ 12557

Now trying to reduce my exposure on the AUDUSD short

As we draw to the middle of May can we expect the poor performance of the stock market in this period to play out again. Disturbingly we are in the second term of Obama's term with a poor January? Is there a second drop in the offing. I think there is.
Look to short the FTSE at +5700? Short the DJ at +10900?

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