Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sometimes ya just gotta pull the trigger

It took a lot of courage (or foolishness) but I stuck in another long position at 9900 with a stop loss at 9800. If it drops to 9800 it's going all the way to 9500 at least.

This time I played the 10% rule. Both positions were closed (ig at 20%). It was a shame because I felt there was more mileage, especially when there was a drop to 10060 at approx 5pm. Unfortunately where I was I can't spend anymore than 2-3 mins to look at the charts. Having said that it is dangerous to add to the position when all the indicators are at max - failed yesterday ... worked today. 50/50 is not really good enough
The ideal time to max out would have been at 9am when good overnight strength showed a mild pullback

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